Amazing! TAT works! As a result of Tapas'
excellent treatment, I am a happy camper….
- Larry Nims, PhD

Tapas Fleming

Tapas Fleming, L. Ac.

THE TAPAS ACUPRESSURE TECHNIQUESM (TAT) is a simple, structured, and highly respectful treatment technique which was originated by Tapas Fleming, Licensed Acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

PROBLEMS TREATED. TAT is exquisitely designed to treat and eliminate the negative influence of past events, including trauma and related unresolved issues that compromise both emotional and physical well-being. Since there is often a trauma-based origin to allergies and toxic reactions, it's not surprising that TAT is effective in treating chemical sensitivities.

TAT TREATMENT. To apply TAT, you hold gentle hand positions at the front and back of your head adjacent to the areas where your brain receives and projects visual information. While in this special pose, the TAT protocol guides you to focus your mind on specific components of the problem. At the same time, the energy directed between your hands frees energy that has been stuck in thoughts, feelings and past experience related to your problem. This way, at an energetic level, you gently desensitize, heal and reclaim parts of your Self which have been cut off and denied lest you re-experience the traumatic feelings of the bad thing(s) that happened in your past.

TAT ENERGY DYNAMICS. From the TAT Website, here is the explanation Tapas Fleming offers about the energy dynamics of TAT treatment.

"According to TCM, many acupuncture meridians merge and enter the brain at specific facial points: these points are activated during the TAT treatment as the individual accesses the disturbance and/or energy stagnation. The combination of the client's attention and the activation of the acupressure points opens up the flow of held information and allows the brain to process the material adaptively."

An underlying concept in energy psychology is this: ENERGY FOLLOWS INTENTION. When your hands are in the TAT treatment "pose," energy flows between them. Why? Because your hands naturally radiate energy, and energy naturally follows your intention to resolve your problem and effect positive change.

From my own reading, I know that between the front- and back-of-head hand positions used in TAT lie the brain structures where memory of traumatic fear is stored. Even if a person has no conscious memory of the original traumatic event, fear may yet be stored deep in the brain, most likely in the "amygdala" in the wall of the third ventricle. Until the stored fear is cleared or desensitized, it is ever ready to be triggered by cues in our physical or social environment. (Reference: Joseph LeDoux, The Emotional Brain, 1996).

Further information about Tapas Fleming and The Tapas Acupressure TechniqueSM, is presented in her TAT manual, "YOU CAN HEAL NOW" (Second Edition, 1999). In the manual, Tapas outlines the origins and history of her approach, as well as providing complete instructions for doing TAT. Find out more about TAT, and to order TAT materials here . Reading the testimonials Tapas has received from persons whose lives have been changed with TAT will inspire you to learn more about this gentle and special energy-based treatment approach.

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