Be Set Free Fast - BSFF

With BSFF, one senses the presence and work
of the truth, and of Another….
- David Lake, MD

Be Set Free Fast, popularly known as BSFF, was developed by Dr. Larry Nims, Clinical Psychologist. BSFF is a complete energy therapy approach to treating psychological problems. It is a fluid, elegant system of dynamic interaction between energy clinician and client. If you're already eager to learn more about BSFF, you can read along here with me for my appreciative overview or check out this site . I love using BSFF!

Believe it or not, "Be Set Free Fast" is a descriptive acronym that stands for what it means!


Behavioral and Emotional Symptom Elimination Training For
Resolving Excess Emotion: Fear, Anger, Sadness and Trauma.

BSFF THEORY. According to Dr. Nims, the subconscious mind (SCM) is a good and faithful servant, just doing its job, running programs. The SCM runs the programs that govern most of our thoughts, feelings and actions when we function on automatic. Fortunately, most of those programs are helpful. They remind us how to use a telephone, use the toaster and fry an egg, how to drive the car and where to find our car keys (well, most of the time, anyway), without taking up the conscious mind's time and attention. In this way, the SCM allows us to multitask for efficiency.

THE PROBLEM IS THIS: the SCM is easily cued to run old, outdated programs. Though they may be dysfunctional now, our most consistent (and insistent) emotional programs were installed in early years. It's those programs that tell us certain situations are likely to be HURTFUL, making us FEARFUL or ANGRY, so that we JUDGE AND CRITICIZE others, ourselves and the situations, because that's what we've been taught. This happens even in present-day situations that we know are not likely to be hurtful or scary like before.
If old, dysfunctional programs are running, any attempt at forgiveness of self or another will likely be ineffective. That's because the SCM is still running programs based on (1) hurtful root experiences and (2) subconscious beliefs we've constructed from them.

BSFF TREATMENT. The therapist first establishes an energy feedback system so that the client can communicate with the his/her subconscious mind. This may be called a "muscle test" or, more correctly, an "energy check." (Click on Energy Testing to learn how!)

An energy check is easy and non-intrusive to do. You (if you're the client) can quickly and easily learn to do your own energy-check. Then the clinician, who ideally is an experienced psychotherapist, helps you explore your thoughts and feelings about your problem, using the energy check to see if your subconscious mind (SCM) and your conscious mind agree.

HERE'S A 'FOR INSTANCE'. From your conscious mind you state with conviction, "I'm completely over that old hurt/trauma that happened way back then. I've let it all go." However, careful energy checking might reveal that your SCM says something like this: "I'm still deeply hurt about that…and I don't ever want to get over it…because then I won't be safe…and I could get hurt some more…so it's not okay for me to get over this problem…and I want to keep it."

Well…if that's the program that's automatically running in your SCM, you're not going to get over your irrational hurt, or fear and anxiety, or unwarranted frustration, resentment and anger, or whatever the problem is. Fortunately, there's good news from Dr. Nims and BSFF!

BSFF is a way to systematically eliminate such emotional problems quickly, deeply and painlessly, using healing verbal triggers or cues…and the help of your subconscious mind!

For more detailed information about Dr. Larry Nims and his innovative, powerful Be Set Free Fast approach to energy psychotherapy, go to There, you will also find information about BSFF training opportunities and the BSFF training manual, along with an international listing of therapists who use BSFF in their work.

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