Walking Meditation

One very simple exercise, walking,
comes close to being ideal
-Deepak Chopra, MD

Walking is your physical body's meditation. According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, walking half an hour a day improves not only the quality of life, but may add years to your life as well. As you step into a walking rhythm, with your naturally alternating arm and leg movements, energy and information weave gracefully back and forth across the midline of body and brain, and unity of feeling and function become possible, if you will allow….
Can you permit yourself to walk just for walking's sake, not just to get there? Can you make your walk a time-out from current concerns? Can you be present in each moment with each breath, each step, and then
become aware of the life around you, the wonders that Nature creates in spite of our attempts to tame her?

If you can, even for a while, then the left brain may surrender its cognitive dominance of day to day life. It may even allow your creative right brain opportunity for its natural modes of expression - inspiration and intuition. And you may find along your way, a quiet
peace that passes understanding.


Flow with the rhythms of nature, not against them.

Flow with the rhythms of nature, not against them.

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