Feeling Free!
A Guide to the Energetics of Self-Care

by Barbara L. Mallory, Ph.D.

Author & Publisher (2001)
Book Cover of "Feeling Free! A Guide to the Energetics of Self-Care"

What the experts say about 'Feeling Free!'

"This competent, easy to read guide for learning EFT…is certain to build a bridge to emotional freedom for anyone fortunate enough to read it."
-Gary Craig, Developer
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

"Dr. Mallory has done a superb job….I highly recommend Feeling Free! for clinicians, energy therapists and individuals interested in learning self-care techniques."
Lee Pulos, PhD, ABPP
Author of Beyond Hypnosis
& The Power of Visualization

"Our clients love Feeling Free! It is simple, clear and helpful in their daily lives."
Marion MacIntyre, Ph.D.
Claude Prefontaine, Ph.D.
Alphacom Consultants
Edmonton, Alberta

Only in Feeling Free! will you find all this!

¨ Complete photo-illustrated, 90 page manual for the Emotional Freedom TechniquesTM
¨ Comb binding for convenient opening
¨ Riveting real-life case examples
¨ EFT troubleshooting for maximum effectiveness
¨ Solving energy-polarity problems made easy
¨ Easy and effective techniques for energetic self-care
¨ Full-color picture-by-picture demonstration
¨ Fascinating glimpses into the history of meridian-based healing
¨ Scholarly and up-to-date review of meridian and EFT research
¨ In-depth analysis of EFT's meridian-energy dynamics
¨ Intentionality: an inside look at EFT's remote and surrogate applications
¨ The Future of EFT - looking ahead….

"Dr. Mallory brings EFT to life with numerous actual case histories and skillfully blends the basics with a technical discussion that anyone can understand. I am particularly impressed with her pictorial display of the tapping points. They allow the reader to apply the process with unmistakable accuracy. This is a 'must read' for clients and therapists alike." -- Gary Craig, Developer of EFT

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Divining Health:
A Dowsing Approach to Emotional Freedom

by Barbara L. Mallory, Ph.D.

Author & Publisher (2002)
Book Cover of "Feeling Free! A Guide to the Energetics of Self-Care"

What AN expert says about 'DIVINING HEALTH'...

"It wasn't until I was on the plane coming home yesterday (from the Canadian Society of Questers' conference) that I had a chance to go through your new book. I can't say enough good things about it!

It is wonderfully user-friendly, both in layout and binding. But more than that, you present the material in such an easy, normal manner, with such simple illustrated instructions that it invites readers to get cracking right away."

Joan DeNew, President
Canadian Society of Dowsers

Only in DIVINING HEALTH will you find all this!

¨ Instruction in four simple dowsing modalities ideal for energy self-testing.
- All dowsing techniques illustrated by line drawings for instructional clarity.
- Hands-on practice using simple variations of all dowsing modalities.
- Energy-smart self-care and correction of polarity problems made easy.
- Explication of the theory and applications of Divining Health.
- Step-by-step practice applying the complete Divining Health protocol.
- Case vignettes of Divining Health treatment for energy/emotional healing.
- Deliberation and discourse on Dowsing, Divining and the Divine

For the first time in print, Divining Health presents a novel energy-based self-care program integrating the body's natural dowsing sensibilities with the mind's divine capacity for intuitive wisdom. The Divining Health approach employs a simply structured user-friendly dowsing-based assessment and treatment protocol designed to inspire insight, enhance vital energy, encourage wellness, and ease emotional distress, quickly, effectively and reliably.

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