Energy Overcharge


When your energy is scrambled,
you speak with a scrambled tongue.
- Donna Eden

Over-Energization or Hyper-Arousal

It's wonderful to feel high on life, but if you're so super-charged that you feel disorganized, scattered or out of control, you'll probably function better if you "get it together!"

Try "Cook's Hook-up." as illustrated below and taught in my book, Feeling Free!  It feels great! For frequent hyper-arousal, do it many times a day!" 

OVER-ENERGY CORRECTION a.k.a. "Cook's Hook-up"

1. Cross left ankle over right.
2. Extend both arms in front of you, hands back to back.
3. Cross right hand over left at wrist and clasp fingers together, interlocked.
4. Tuck clasped hands under and up, and rest them comfortably on your chest.
5. Inhale slowly by nose, tongue up in mouth. Exhale by mouth, tongue down.
6. Hold this pose, gently, and continue slow, deep breathing for 1 to 2 minutes.
If an over-energy condition is chronic for you, repeat 10 times daily for 2 months to retrain.

The Over-Energy Correction (Cook's Hookup)

Cook's Hookup 1Cook's Hookup  2Cook's Hookup 3
Cross left Angle over right: place hands back
to back
Cross right hand over left at wrist and clasp hands. Tuck clasped handers under and upt to chest. Breathe.
Cook's Hook-up is deeply calming and centering even if you just follow the pictures above and do it quite mechanically. For even more profound calm, you might add an energy-imagery dimension.

Cook's Hook-up with Energy Imagery

1. Sit supported comfortably in a chair, or you may do this exercise effectively lying on your back with knees comfortably up to relax your back.
2. Cross your left ankle over right. You might think of this as an Earth Lock.
3. Cross your right hand over left at the wrist. Reach down toward the earth (or toward your feet if lying down). Imagine reaching way, way down to the center of the earth. Clasp the sacred energy radiating from the earth's glowing core. Now lock in your connection to the radiant Heart of Mother Earth.
4. Slowly draw your clasped hands up, drawing radiant earth energy up to your body. As your elbows start to bend, tuck your clasped hands under and up.
5. Draw Mother Earth's radiant energy slowly up through the center core of your body to your mid-upper chest. This thymus area is known as the High Heart or Soul Seat. (If you are familiar with the chakra system of energy centers, sense yourself drawing this glowing cord of sacred earth energy up through root and sacral chakras, through solar and heart chakras, all the way to the High Heart.)
6. Rest your clasped hands quietly over the High Heart, creating a Heart Lock.
7. Then mentally draw the glowing energy line straight upward from High Heart through your throat, brow and crown-of-head energy centers, and even farther, far beyond your crown, all the way to your Divine Source, wherever that is for you. There you might visualize a Sky or Heaven Lock.
8. Notice now, the energy connection you have created - a secure and radiant cord from the glowing Heart of Mother Earth up through your own radiant High Heart and all the way to the Universal Source or Heart of Heaven.
9. For your breathing pattern, inhale slowly through your nose, tongue to the roof of your mouth, collecting energy (qi or ch'i or prana), and draw that energy down through your glowing center core, all the way down to Mother Earth.
10. Exhale through your mouth, tongue down, surrendering all the ch'i or prana your energy system no longer needs, releasing it to the Earth for recycling.
11. Now, gently, quietly hold this position, and continue breathing slowly and deeply, for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, or until you feel centered, calm and clear.

The Over-Energy Correction (Cook's Hook-up) can serve as an effective and peaceful preparation for meditation. Just relax your hands and slip easily into your usual meditation procedure, benefiting from your present calm and clarity.

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