Energy Depletion

Does It Feel Like Your Batteries are Undercharged?

Quick Remedies:
1. Water? Snack? Time for a meal? a break? a rest? fresh air? a walk?
2. Boost your batteries with "THE THREE THUMPS" (D. Eden, 1998)


With clustered fingers of one or both hands (I use fists), thump firmly, 15 - 20 seconds, in these 3 areas:
Stimulate the meridian system at the collarbone points Collarbone Points
Thump on kidney meridian
to stimulate meridian system
Thumps at the thymus area Thymus Area
Think of Tarzan and wake up your immune system
Thump remedy in the spleen lymphatic area

Spleen Lymphatic Area
Thump below & one inch to side of breast.
Get energy flowing!


Further help to identify and treat Energy Depletion and Energetic Blow-Out is presented in Feeling Free! A Guide to the Energetics of Self-Care, especially page 53.  For information about Feeling Free! and order instructions, click here.
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