Energy Crossover Problem


When energy is unable to cross over,
it slows down dramatically.
It begins to move in a homolateral pattern
straight up and down the body
and the body's ability to heal is severely diminished.
- Donna Eden & David Feinstein, PhD

For full functioning, energy and information must flow naturally in a contralateral or cross-over pattern, i.e., from left brain to right-body, from right brain to left-body, weaving unhindered from side to side. When you've been in a stationary position for a while, your body's energy flow may shift temporarily to a HOMOLATERAL energy-flow pattern. So…? You feel physically stumbly and mentally bumbly!

If I have been seated at the computer for hours, or even in my easy chair, my thinking becomes sluggish, I move awkwardly when I stand, and my energy feels low. When I first rise in the morning, my gait is lumbering and I'm poorly coordinated. That's because my energy flow is homolateral. It's as though my only energy source is two columns of feeble AAA batteries, one running up the left side of my body, the other up the right, with no energy contacts between.

Persons who are wheel-chair bound or who suffer enduring or recurring fatigue-type illness often develop a chronic homolateral energy-flow pattern (Eden, 1998).


The Cross Crawl is the answer to homolateral energy flow. Imagine an exaggerated march step, done on the spot (or around the breakfast table, or down the street for that matter), with exaggerated arm swing and vigorous step. You can touch hand or elbow to knee to emphasize the rhythmic crossover.

The Cross-crawl The Cross-crawl

Babies devote a whole stage of their young lives to the change-over from a homolateral to a contralateral energy pattern when they practise crawling!

Do the Cross Crawl exercise for only as long as is comfortable, take a break, and then do more later. Even if homolaterality is your default setting, you can retrain your energy-flow pattern over time. If you're quite physically fit, doing the Cross Crawl for a full minute at a time will enhance energy cross-over and help consolidate the pattern.

Cross-crawl when seated

Cross Crawl when seated

Even when seated, you can do a Cross-Crawl
movement by lifting your knees alternately, and
touching each raised knee with the opposite
hand or elbow. Persons with chronic-fatigue
and those who have experienced head trauma
seem to benefit from regular cross-over exercise.
They describe feeling more energetic, alert
and clear-thinking than previously, and show
improved response to other energy-work

If you're in a situation or condition which makes doing the physical Cross Crawl action impossible, just imagine it! See yourself walking energetically with arms swinging. Visualize yourself skating rhythmically, or cross-country skiing! Such imaging calls your body to remember the fluid grace and integrity of contralateral energy flow.

For more information about homolateral energy flow and the value of cross-crawl exercises, I recommend Donna Eden's ground-breaking book, Energy Medicine, written with her husband, Dr. David Feinstein, and published in 1998. See also the illustrated discussion of "Batteries in Parallel Allignment: Homolateral Energy Flow" in my own book, Feeling Free! published in 2001.

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