Battery Charging and Maintenance

Energetic Self-Care

Movement of energy is the basis of all life.
- Richard Chin, MD, OMD
Using the energy-flow corrections we've explored, and with credit to Donna Eden for inspiration, we have the basics of an energy exercise routine that will keep our batteries charged and energy systems balanced and flowing. Here are the components of a self-care routine that is ideal for regular energy tuning and maintenance.


1. The Three Thumps - 1 minute
2. The Belly-Button Correction - 25 to 30 seconds
3. The Triad Treatment - 5 to 10 seconds
4. The Cross Crawl - 20 to 30 seconds
5. The Over-Energy Correction - 1 minute

1. The Three Thumps gives a quick jump-start to your energy-care routine, and energizes Kidney Meridian, Thymus Gland and the lymph area related to Spleen Meridian.

2. The Belly-Button Correction is a sure and simple way to ensure that your batteries are in just right so that you're at your radiant best and shine in whatever you do. The BBC is the perfect way to correct a polarity problem, or just to reinforce correct body polarity.

3. The centerpiece of the daily energy self-care routine is The Triad Treatment because it stimulates energy flow and balance throughout the meridian system, and in just seconds!

4. The Cross Crawl , promoting and integrating cross-body energy flow, is especially helpful if you've been inactive for a while, whether at rest, at work or due to illness.

5. The finishing touch is the Over-Energy Correction (Cook's Hook-up) to calm, center and neatly organize the lively energies now coursing through your body. If you have time, this technique leads smoothly and gently into a meditative state that is deeply peaceful and restorative.

That's all there is to it, a 3-Minute Energetic Self-Care Routine. It's easy, fast and fun to do. If you do this routine daily, and as many times a day as feels right for you, you'll keep yourself in the flow, energetically, and enjoy increasingly well-balanced mood and functioning.

More information about Battery Charging and Maintenance and my five-step 5-Minute Energetic Self-Care Routine (which includes the complete EFT protocol) are presented on pages 59 and 60 of my book, Feeling Free! A Guide to the Energetics of Self-Care.


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