Energy Hygiene

To know people is wisdom
but to know yourself is enlightenment.
-Lao Tzu

If you're interested in learning specific exercises to correct common energy-flow problems and to balance and maintain your energy, go to "Battery Problems." Meanwhile, here are a few common-sense guidelines for looking after your body's energy systems.

1. DRINK WATER! At least 6 to 8 glasses a day. Dehydration is a primary cause of energy system dysfunction. Meridian energy flows through body fluids. Hydrate!

2. Feeling energy-depleted or exhausted? You can try a jump-start with "The Three Thumps," but consider self-care. Take a break! Relax and rest! Time for a snack!

3. Feeling extreme physical/emotional tension? Fast shallow breathing? Clenching hands? Sweating? Debrief with someone. GET ACTIVE to help you to use up adrenaline - walk, jog or bike ride. Use the "Over-Energy Correction" for centering and grounding. Focused breathing helps to relax, so click on Cultivating Calm for relaxation exercises.

4. Certain substances and chemicals can disturb the human energy field causing "allergy-like" energy-toxic reactions. Hair care products, cleaning and laundry agents, and medications are frequent culprits. EFT and TAT may help with this problem. Go to Energy Testing Yourself to learn to test for what suits your energy system, or doesn't. For easy-to-do energy testing techniques, my manual, Divining Health: A Dowsing Approach to Emotional Freedom, is an excellent resource.

5. Electro-magnetic fields can also disorganize the human energy field. Microwave ovens, computers, TVs, cell phones, and high-tension installations cause some people to feel energetically scrambled. If that sounds like you, try to avoid lengthy exposure. If that's impossible, ask an energy therapist about techniques to desensitize yourself. It's even possible to harmonize the frequencies of the toxic field to your personal energy field.

6. The natural polarity of the body is easily disturbed, especially by fearful thoughts and situations. In case that's the case, focus your attention on your breath, breathe deep into your center, then massage or rub your collar-bone points deeply. (Also, see The Three Thumps). For more information about body polarity, click on Polarity Reversal, or consult the "Problems of Energy Polarity" section in my energy self-care book, Feeling Free!

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